Posted September 17th, 2015 by Ben

Poster for AAAAAAAH!

One of the cinematic highlights of my year has been watching Steve Oram’s sensational new film “AAAAAAAAH!” Readers of this blog will probably know him best from Ben Wheatley and Alice Lowe’s “Sightseers” but he has a long history not only as a performer but as creator of bizarre and beautiful comic short films. “AAAAAAAAH!”, which contains not a single word of known language, stars Oram alongside Toyah Wilcox, Lucy Honigman, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Julian Barratt and Tom Meeten. By all accounts it did have one of the funniest scripts you could find but because of the film’s insane central conceit all of that dialogue will only ever be known to the cast.

“AAAAAAAAH!” which is perhaps the best sequel I could ever imagine to the original “Planet of the Apes” is funny, obscene, ludicrous, poignant and braver, bolder and better than anything else you will see this year. It felt to me like a heady mix of Samuel Beckett, Lyndsay Anderson, Spike Milligan and Oliver Postgate but really that’s just me scrabbling around for a way of explaining a film that is truly unique.

There is a special screening of “AAAAAAAH!” at the Picture House Central Friday night at 21:50 and if you are in London you would be a fool to miss it. If you are an independent filmmaker then you should see it for the ambition and daring of what can be done on a true micro budget. This is easily my film of the year and though some of you will probably hate it, you need to see it as however you respond I think this is a real gauntlet thrown down to anyone with an interest in making films.

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