Film of the Month Winners: October

Posted November 1st, 2015 by Matt Turner


Suffragette Director Sarah Gavron judged October’s entries for Film of Month, in what proved a busy month for her. (Suffragette received its European premiere as the London Film Festival’s Opening Film that month.)

October proved one of the strongest contests of recent months. As she said, “I admired all these films. They all deserve accolades – they all worked very successfully as short films and all had high production values and compelling performances.”

Her top pick was Rachna Suri’s stunning portrait of a soldier Our Lad – “a very well made film that bravely tackles a complex, contemporary scenario. The central performance is particularly moving and understated. I found it hugely insightful.”

Second was Love Stuffed, “a very original idea – and it is beautifully executed . It has great humour – the production design compliments the premise brilliantly   The actors performances work very well with the tone of the film.”

Her third choice, Sarah found Fare Thee Well to be “a darkly witty piece. that cleverly manages to convey it’s story through the visual language. It makes use of surreal imagery to great effect.”

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