Film of the Month Winners: February

Posted March 31st, 2016 by Brooke Blake


After careful consideration Pegah Farahmand is back with her decisions on the February Film of the Month finalists.

If you enjoy Pegah’s feedback head over to Channel 4’s Random Acts, their dedicated arts strand for innovative and creative short film commissions, and check out her work as the Editor. After previously working at VICE for 10 years, Pegah certainly has a discerning eye for the film industry and we can’t wait to disclose her choices on the top three.

Pegah awarded first place to Aaron Dunleavy’s Throw Me To The Dogs, a heartfelt tale of a troubled teenage boy who has just been abandoned by his father. She states, “I think it’s an incredibly compelling film, the tension between the main protagonists is almost painful and uncomfortable to watch. can’t believe they were street cast. Their acting is so natural.”

Throw Me to the Dogs from Aaron Dunleavy.

Runner up was Jimmy Dean’s Charity, which explores the relationship between a 16-year-old girl and her estranged brother who has just returned home from prison. Pegah believes the work to be “a really simple film that tells us a lot with very little.”

“Charity’s character has depth and is played brilliantly by Charlotte Beaumont. The storyline feels really authentic and is really elevated by its flawless cinematography.”

Charity from Jimmy Dean.

Pegah’s other runner up ended up being Nighthawks by Anthony Lee, which follows the interconnecting lives of three strangers in one city. Pegah found the storyline to be a “really interesting way of weaving narrative,” as she goes on to state, “I thought the relationship between Jack and Miranda felt familiar, although a little confusing at times and I think we linger on them a bit too long in certain scenes.” Ultimately, Pegah felt that she “craved to see a bit more of the third character, and find out a bit more about his world.”

Nighthawks from Nighthawks Production.

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