Film of the Month: Scilla Andreen

Posted December 7th, 2016 by Matt Turner


Scilla Andreen is CEO and Founder of Indieflix.

Indieflix is a film streaming service “created by and for independent thinkers” that takes a different approach to similar platforms. Their Royalty Pool Minutes payment model rewards filmmakers for each minute that their film is viewed, increasing the filmmaker’s payout as the= company grows. IndieFlix was founded in 2005 with 65 titles, and now has over 8,000 shorts, features, documentaries, classic TV and web series from in excess of 85 countries, 2500 film festivals and the top film schools in their catalogue.

Alongside the platform, Scilla runs the Indieflix Distribution Lab to support the creation, distribution and exhibition of social justice films; as well as the Indieflix Foundation, to run screenings of socially engaged projects in schools and communities;. Indieflix is also available in 350+ libraries in America.

Scilla has been a panelist and speaker at Sundance, SXSW, Cannes and Power to the Pixel. She’s the Vice President of the Board for TheFilmSchool, a Seattle based film school, and is an Advisory Board Member of the Seattle Interactive Conference.

Prior to founding Indieflix, Scilla produced and directed several features and short films including: Outpatient, The Flats, Mutual Love Life, Bit Players, Scott Grimes and The Misdemeanours. She also worked as Costume Designer for Warner Bros and Sony, and won an Emmy for her work on The Wonder Years.

Indieflix’s focus is on filmmakers as much as audiences, and a sense of consciousness about the good that film can do and be runs through everything that they do. With their model – built around making sure filmmakers receive their fair dues for their work whilst still ensuring the platform is able to support itself and subscription cost is low – everyone benefits. As Scilla puts it,  “IndieFlix wants to entertain and support stories that spark conversations that can change the world.”

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