Script Pitch: Rom Pitch

Posted February 14th, 2017 by Matt Turner

Our annual round-up of the best romantic projects in town.

To read complete pitches and to contact any of the writers, please email Andy.

On Saturday

by Chris Carfaro

A group of friends struggle to find their way through life after realizing college is over and real adults do not exist. through their joint experiences, they find out what really is happiness, love, and how urinals relate to pornography.

Format: feature. Length: 80. Budget: low. Genre: comedy.



by Kevin Haworth

Logline: Max’s love-life is in the toilet. Following a very passive aggressive text argument, he heads down into Leeds (his home city) at the behest of his best friend, Jimmy. Proposing a day of contemplation and distraction, Jimmy advises Max dump his girlfriend and move on in every way possible. Meeting up with a pair of Jimmy’s friends, Dave and Chris, the lads are dragged from one bizarre scenario to another. Ranging from an impromptu musical number to several long, drawn-out fights, the lads and Max in particular learn just how strange this life can be.

Format: feature. Length: 101. Budget: low. Genre: comedy.


An Audience

by Ben Robins

Logline: A drunken one night stand hits the skids when Becca’s weird kinks and mysterious intentions become clear.

Format: short. Length: 15. Budget: low. Genre: comedy.


A Walk Amongst Roses

by Anthony Cole

Logline: When a desperate husband finds out his paralysed wife wishes to end her life, he invent’s the world’s first virtual reality machine in a bid to change her mind.

Format: short. Length: 11. Budget: low. Genre: drama.


An Ordinary Girl

by Gerry Byron

Logline: When no-mannered Bill meets desperately shy Leanne, it is love at first sight. But how can two people who can barely communicate become soul-mates?

Format: feature. Length: 93. Budget: high. Genre: romance.



by Barry Lewis

Logline: “TRIGGERED”    – Sci-Fi Rom com – set in the near future

“To fall truly, madly, deeply in love Jim must first help save the world, or not!”

Format: feature. Length: 90. Budget: medium. Genre: romance.


Naming Baby

by Nicky Tate

Logline: A couple can’t agree on the name for their new addition.

Format: short. Length: 10. Budget: low. Genre: comedy.


Village of the Scammed

by Andrew Hindle and Andy Conway

Logline: Two desperate documentary filmmakers hypnotize an entire village to make their reality TV series a comedy hit. But when the truth gets out, they lose everything. Including love.

Format: feature. Length: 100. Budget: high. Genre: comedy.

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