Jameson First Shot 2017: The One Competition You Must Enter

Posted April 21st, 2017 by Matt Turner

Dear Shooter writers, directors and all interested filmmakers,

One of the greatest opportunities for filmmakers and writers, Jameson First Shot is back for 2017, with Detective McNulty himself, legendary British actor Dominic West, as your lead star. We’ve been saying it for years and years… this is by far the best film competition out there and we’re determined to see UK­-based filmmakers triumph.

Thrillingly, a UK shooter Kat Wood WON this competition last year and made a fantastic short film Home with Maggie Gyllenhaal.  Previous films, shot with other amazing actors including Adrian Brody, Uma Thurman, have all made big things happen for past winners.

Jameson First Shot is open NOW to ALL filmmakers, writers.. essentially anyone who has a GREAT idea for a short, starring… Dominic West.

What to do?!

Send in a stonking short script, just 7 pages of screenplay required.
Make it the very best you can.
Get selected as one of three winners.
Receive a phone call from Hollywood
Answer that phone call, ok?
Get your short film produced by Dana Brunetti (Fifty Shades of Grey, The Social Network)
Yup, this really is what this competition offers..
Direct your short film in LA
oh but wait…
Direct it with Dominic West as the star of your film.

YES. Dominic West.
YES. Dominic West. BAFTA winner, film and television star, stage actor.
YES. Dominic West of The Affair, The Wire, Appropriate Adult, Chicago, Richard III, 300 etc…
YES. Dominic West who believes in giving upcoming filmmakers a shot, and who has agreed to star in three films by emerging filmmakers.

Get writing/submitting as the competition has OPENED. This could be your First Shot at a serious break. And a second year with a UK winner and SP member at the helm

As Dominic says, “film is such a collaborative art form. We all make up for each others deficiencies. That’s as true on a big movie as it was on that short,” so get to work, get talking, get thinking and get writing, and make the change that your career needs.

 “It always refreshing when someone comes along and wants you to do something that you haven’t done before.” Fresh ideas are needed, new voices will be heralded.

Drop any fears you might have and embrace this competition folks. Get submitting. As proud believers ourselves in the power of short film, we’re excited by the thinking behind it. Created with Brunetti back in 2012, Jameson First Shot was created to give first­ time filmmakers a break. Writer/Directors of the UK, this is your calling, your chance to shine. Not bad for a first shot…


Cath Le Couteur
Co-­founder & CEO

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