Ben’s Blog: Dig Deep

Posted June 26th, 2017 by Ben

The problem with filmmaking, the problem with Kickstarter, hell, let’s face it, the problem with democracy, is that almost everyone is allowed to take part whether they’re any good or not.

Once upon the time the likes of you and I were shielded from the agonies of trying to work out who was in anyway worth supporting. In the dim and distant past of less than five years ago, the power to commission was limited to a relatively small group of gatekeepers. They alone faced the near impossible task of sniffing their way through the deluded, insane and unready to find those who just might actually make work that was engaging, delightful, original, astonishing, challenging or beautiful. One of the unintended consequences of Kickstarter has been to democratise this task. A quick glance at your inbox or timeline will show that we are all commissioners now.

Faced with a daily barrage of requests to put your money where other people’s mouths are, it is easy to tune out, buy another coffee and go back to work on your own script. That is, until that script is finished and you suddenly realise that running your own crowd funding campaign might be a really useful thing to do…

As a filmmaker it is good for your soul to support the work of your peers. As a patron of the arts it is, of course, preferable to support good art. So look no further because this is me unashamedly instructing you to put some money into Deep Clean, the new film by Matt Harlock & Krent Able.

Read the whole campaign here.

Matt is not only a gifted filmmaker with a proven track record but he is also one of those who works tirelessly to support other filmmakers, not least through an increasingly essential organisation called No Direction Home which brings filmmakers together to talk with raw honesty about their process. On every level he deserves the support of his fellow filmmakers.

His pledges start at a fiver so skip two coffees, remind yourself that what goes around comes around, and support a dude who if he hasn’t already supported you will doubtless be the first to when you need it.

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