Kickstarter Round Up 2017

Posted July 10th, 2017 by Kakki Meyer

For just over a year, we’ve been partnered with Kickstarter to help ensure the best in-development projects from our community meet the attention of those in charge of outreach and support for the platform. iHere we review some of the best projects that have emerged from our partnership with Kickstarter and have successfully been funded on the platform. We want to show you what has happened over the year and we encourage you to get in touch with your own projects, month by month. Not yet convinced, also read here about some of the other great projects that have been funded since we last reviewed the partnership.

Deep Clean (Matt Harlock & Krent Able)

Deep Clean is a live action supernatural horror short film with a comic edge. It is a story of a 16 year old troubled boy, Alex, who is forced into doing work with his Uncle in order to stay out of juvenile detention. His uncle works for the council, yet what Alex comes to learn is that Deep Clean is actually a secret council whose job is to block up demon portals. Made by filmmaker Matt Harlock (American: The Bill Hicks Story), it will be his second collaboration with comic artist Krent Able, after the compelling, disruptive short film Inks, Cocks & Rock and Roll they made together. The film is currently live on Kickstarter, looking to reach their goal of £25,000. Furthermore, the team also has a carefully planned storyboard as well as a budget for all of the special effects required for the film. This supernatural comedy horror is aimed to be a truly original horror film that is set in a unique world.

BREATHE (Louise Marie Cooke)

BREATHE tells the dramatic story of how a young woman, Isobel, struggles and overcomes grief after watching her neighbour get killed in an accident. In attempts to come to terms with his death, Isobel looks to his brother in order to gain closure. Also currently live, part funded by Film London and the Eastern Edge Film Fund, Louise is looking to the community to raise an additional £1,500 for post-production. BREATHE has also been selected to be part of the 2017 London Calling short film slate, and looks to be a exciting, bold film from a promising new director in our ranks.

V (Jimmy Dean & Ellie Gocher)

V is a confrontational coming-of-age drama film that uses vampire mythology in order to explore the themes of femininity, isolation, and sexual abuse. Also part of the London Calling slate, the team raised further finance through KS to make their vision a reality. This film hopes to bring a new perspective on difficult issues as well as encourage young people to speak up and share about their experiences. In this film, a teenage girl, Minnie, confides in the audience and allows them to get to know and understand her in an intimate way and explore her past and the abuse she’s suffered. This film has the power to connect with a wide audience and empower them in many ways, and the filmmakers behind it are active, exciting forces to be reckon, who’ve already demonstrated their capability.

Bullitt County (David McCracken & Josh Riedford)

Bullitt County is an action/thriller film set in the fall of 1977 in the Mid-west. It is about four friends reuniting for a bachelor party and go on a hunt for buried Prohibition money only to become the victims of greed and murder. This experienced and professional team raised $45,092 via Kickstarter, and the film looks to be one that will go places. Those who have seen the film “believe it has immense potential on the festival circuit and a likely theatrical release.”

From Street To Stage (Michael Chandler)

From Street To Stage is a documentary that follows the journey of 20 homeless actors as they come together to perform Ken Loach’s TV drama “Cathy Come Home” on its 50th anniversary to audience of 2,000 people. This project aims to shed a new light on those who have experienced homelessness. £7,008 was pledged to bring this project to life, a worthy cause and inventive proposal in its own right. The documentary also includes interviews from the original director, Ken Loach, and producer, Tony Garnett, of “Cathy Come Home.”

If you have a Kickstarter project that you are considering launching, please get in touch with us. We’re helping connect filmmakers with those behind the platform, to launch better and more effectively on the platform.

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