Why SP for filmmaking jobs?

Posted January 16th, 2024 by Jim Read

When it comes to UK filmmakers, it often seems like there’s an endless pool of jobs boards and it’s impossible to know where to start. You’ve got everything from Indeed, to Facebook Groups to independent websites, so here’s a little bit about why we think Shooting Peoples cast and crew board is one of the best.


Being a filmmaker is expensive enough, so we don’t think you should fork out 100s of pounds just to seek out work. At SP, we’ve kept our annual membership prices the same for over 10 years – but right now it’s EVEN cheaper.

We’re currently offering 50% off SP membership until the 31st of January 2024 so if you’re looking to join our community, there’s no better time than now.



Have you ever tried searching LinkedIn for Producer roles? You’ll quickly find that / a lot / of different industries have “producers” and seemingly after all this time, the search on major job platforms for film is still rocky at best. At SP, almost every project/company is going to be film-related and you can filter your search by department or role, as well as region. Gone are the days of endlessly scrubbing, we’ve made it easy to find roles which genuinely apply to you.


When you apply to roles on SP, you’re not just pinging your application into an ether ready to be screened by robots and auto-dejected, there are real people behind it and most of the time, you’ll be surprised by how willing other filmmakers are to go the extra length to get passionate collaborators on board. We’ve got that extra personal touch, and we’ve even made it easy for members to flag when positions are filled so your time isn’t wasted.


Barely anyone working in film can afford the luxury of making it their full-time gig, and even those who full-time freelance aren’t necessarily looking to get tied down working for companies. At SP, we’ve got a huge diversity of roles, ranging from short-term collaborative roles to long stints on high-end productions. No matter what your schedule looks like, there’s going to be something out there which can work around what you’ve already got on.


Commercials pay the bills, but most filmmakers will have a niche they’re searching for. At SP, you’ll find a bit of everything, from documentaries to music videos, to funded shorts to collaborative filmmaking challenges – you’re bound to find a project which will spark genuine passion.


Your greatest allies are almost always going to be your fellow filmmakers so having a community-sourced jobs board can be amazing. Unfortunately, there’s always going to be some bad eggs and when it comes to jumping on a new project, having transparency on what you’re getting into is key. That’s why at SP we have in-house moderators who are all filmmakers too, we know what you need to know and every role on SP will have by-passed a mod check to make sure any neccessary info is available and that pay rates are fair/transparent.

For collaborative roles (often unpaid or with token fees attached), we require members to explain if their project is insured, as well as why they are offering the role as expenses only. We’ll always allow passion projects at SP, but we’re not here for exploitation.


Finding castings is a whole different ball game to crew roles, so we’ll be hosting another blog soon about why we think our casting board is pretty brilliant, but as a jobs seeker, you don’t need to niche yourself down as an actor OR filmmaker – we know so many of us wear a million different hats and any role in film is welcome at SP.


SP membership is now 50% off until the 31st of January 2024. Join our community to find your next role, come on, let’s make film.

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