How to Make a Short Film

Posted May 8th, 2024 by Jim Read

Whether you’re a budding filmmaker eager to bring your creative vision to life or a seasoned pro looking for new opportunities, the UK short film scene is a tough – but fun – place to get into. Shooters are constantly exploring the processes of making short films, from funding opportunities to filming locations, and everything in between. With the BFI NETWORK England short film funding closing very soon (eek!), what better time is there to celebrate Shooters and SP alumni who’ve released work via the fund?

A dark shot of an office with 2 people overlooking an office worker. Lots of film grain. A logo is overlayed which says London Short Film Festival 2024.

‘Sandra Gets a New Fringe’
By Penelope Yeulet
After making the life changing decision to get a new fringe, a disregarded office worker attempts to get her dismissive colleagues attention in increasingly bizarre and violent ways.
‘Sandra Gets a New Fringe’ was the runner-up of the New Shoots: Filmmakers 2023 award. Penelope wrote, directed, produced, and acted in the film (woah).
Watch it here.

A black and white shot of a man in old fashioned clothing looking at a lamp post. There are various film festival logos including Norwich Film Festival, Alter, Flatpack Film Festival, British Shorts and more.

‘The Leerie’ 
By Joseph Daly
In 1899, a Scottish lamplighter facing redundancy is haunted by nightmarish visions of an electric future. 
‘The Leerie’ was selected as the New Shoots: Filmmakers Summer Round 2022 winner.
Watch the film here.

A blurry image of a person overlayed with logos of BFI Network, Sundance 2024 Film Festival and BFI London Film Festival. The text reads 'Alo', the title of the film.

By Xenia Glen
Alo, an undocumented overseas Filipino worker, is struck by a latent seizure which jeopardises his status in the UK.
‘Alo’ is screening at Sundance Film Festival: London, find out more on the Events Calendar.
Watch the trailer here.

2 people stood in London with the title of the short film 'Rushed' in the background.

By Arnold Vosey
A chance encounter between a black woman and a South Asian man in Birmingham forces them to confront life changing events they are desperately trying to escape.
‘Rushed’ was shortlisted for the New Shoots: Filmmakers 2023 awards.
Watch the film here.

That’s just a handful of Shooters who’ve made short films via the The BFI NETWORK England short film fund over recent years. But guys… please do remember that there are SO MANY other ways to get your shorts made, seen, and shared beyond just the traditional film funding routes… 

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