January Sale Deals for Filmmakers 2024

Posted January 9th, 2024 by Jim Read

It’s that time of year again, from setting new years resolutions to scoring some steals in the sales, January is a big time for filmmakers. To make it easier for you, we’ve collated a list of the some of best discounts and reductions for kit, career development and more.

Level Up and Network

Shooting People: 50% off Annual Membership

So we may be biased, but it is also going to be the cheapest one on this list – Shooting People’s Annual Membership plan is 50% off until the 29th of December.

SP is the UK’s largest thriving UK independent filmmakers network. We’ve got one goal, connect more filmmakers to get projects made. From our film funding database to our cast and crew jobs board – we’ve got everything you need to start your own project or jump on a new production.

Get Deal (save 50%): Join the SP community for just £19.95. | OFFER ENDS 31st JAN

Camera Gear

Park Cameras: Save on used cameras and accessories.

Park Cameras offers used cameras, lenses and more for a fraction of the price, all coming with assurance that they’ve been checked to be in good working condition, with a 6 month warranty. It’s tons more reliable than eBay, all while still snagging those savings.

Get Deal: Save on selected used cameras and kit.

GoPro Hero 12: Save £60

2 Go Pro Hero 12s displayed floating on a white background.

The GoPro Hero 12 is a fantastic tool for filmmakers looking to capture stunning footage on the go. With its high-quality 4K video capabilities and advanced stabilization features, it’s perfect for shooting dynamic scenes and action sequences. The compact design makes it easy to incorporate into your filmmaking toolkit, whether you’re shooting a documentary, a web series, or a short film. Plus, the user-friendly interface and versatile mounting options make it a breeze to use in any filming situation.

Get Deal: Get a GoPro Hero 12 for £339.99 (saves £60).

Movo iVlogger: Get 18% off iPhone Filmmaking Kit

An Iphone displayed with a Movo tripod. In the background there is a small overhead microphone and light.

Looking for an all-in setup which won’t break the bank? Shooting on your iPhone is a great way to get started with filming cinematic footage. The Movo iVlogger has all the basics, nothing more, nothing less, including a tripod, mic and light.

Get Deal: Get the Movo iVlogger for just £97.95 on Amazon

Audio Equipment

Rode Wireless Go II Single Microphone

3 Rode Wireless Go IIs displayed on a white background.

Quality sound recording and a lightweight, ultra compact design makes this extremely nifty microphone system ideal for filmmaking, interviewing, reporting and any other social content creation. It’s also got universal compatibility with cameras, mobile devices and computers and is very easy to get working. A real game-changer for anyone who wants top-notch sound without the fuss.

Get Deal: Get a Rode Wireless Go II Single Microphone for £199 (save £20)

Editing Software

Vegas Pro Edit: Save £358 on perpetual licenses

A computer screen displaying a film editing timeline. There are numerous tracks in use.

Any editors out there sick of getting caught up with monthly subscription bills? Sony Vegas Edit offers a comprehensive editing package, without all the rolling subscriptions. It’s known for its user-friendly interface, making it easy for filmmakers to jump in and start editing without a steep learning curve. It also offers a wide range of features, from advanced color grading and audio editing to special effects and compositing tools. This New Years, you can get the whole package (and some freebie add-ons) for just £199.

Get Deal: Get Vegas Pro Edit perpetual license for £199

Find Inspiration

MUBI: Get 90 Days Free

Ranging from independent short films to archival undiscovered gems, MUBI has a catalogue of excelling international cinema.

Get Deal: Get 90 Days Free Mubi Subscription

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