Film funding and bursaries can be incredibly tricky to find - that’s why we source the latest film grants for independent UK filmmakers and created this neat hub for you to secure funding for your next project. From documentary grants, to short film grants, to student film grants - all the way to major feature film funding and specific things like post-production grants; we make sure to keep you up to date with the latest opportunities.

Unlike other organisations, we don’t just list off the major grants from well-known organisations like the BFI Short Film Fund, the Sundance Documentary Fund and others, we research individual organisations, artist funds which apply to moving image, educational institutions and more to make sure you’re getting the full picture of what's out there.

    • Climate Action Together

      Deadline date:
      Wed. 31st Jul 2024

      Climate Action Together is a new Impact Distribution Fund and Accelarator aiming to support 2 films (which raise awareness of the climate crisis and recommended solutions to inspire public action and policy change within the UK and/or US) a year with £20,000 cash for distribution campaigns, support to develop a 4 month Impact Strategy and monthly mentorship.

    • Film Exhibition Fund

      Deadline date:
      Mon. 4th Nov 2024

      The Film Exhibition Fund is here to support the independent film exhibition sector in the North.

      Through the Film Exhibition Fund, funding of up to £10,000 per project, per year is available for screening activity taking place between April 2023 - March 2026.
      The primary objective of the Film Exhibition Fund is to support exhibitors to engage audiences with independent film programmes in a communal setting. All activity supported through the fund should aim to increase in-person audiences for British, independent and international film in the North. This fund has been made available thanks to BFI National Lottery as part of the BFI’s Screen Culture 2033 strategy.

      The three different deadlines for the three different rounds are as follows: 8 March, 5 July, and 4 November 2024.

    • Film Exhibition Fund - Pitch Pot

      Opending Date:
      Wed. 13th Mar 2024
      Deadline date:
      Sat. 15th Feb 2025

      This fund provides organisations with quick-fire micro-grants for one-off events and short screening programmes.

      This is suitable for organisations who are looking to start a local screening programme, put on a special event or to enhance their existing programme with extra audience development work.

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