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Shooting People

Great films require great performances.

And yet, the life of an actor is always tough. Building sustainable careers, even tougher.

We’ve launched NEW SHOOTS: ACTORS, a competition designed specifically for actors, which we hope might assist you in some way.

Shooting People members with an actor profile can enter. Entry is free. Not a member? Join the community now for 50% off.


2nd round will open 1st November

What do you get?

A headshot package with John Godwin, owner of London Headshots (90min session, 4x hi-res images)
A £250 Actors Grant (career related funding to assist with voice training workshops, courses, travel etc.)
Awesome Audio kit: A portable, wireless lavelier mic set from Seinheiser + H4N Zoom Audio Recorder
Final Draft Screenwriting Software, plus a year's Mubi subscription and promotion throughout the SP filmmaker community.

Who can enter?

SP members with an actor's profile can enter by answering the three questions below, and six actors will then be shortlisted.

We know actors are constantly judged, critiqued, scrutinised: having talked to the community, we’ve decided to randomly select the final winner from this shortlist. No judging. Just a final winner, selected at random.

There will be two rounds of the competition each year and you can enter each round.

To enter you must be logged in and have an actor's profile


The questions we are asking in this round are

  • #1
  • #2
  • #3

The winner from each NEW SHOOTS: ACTORS Competition (currently open twice a year) will receive:

  • London Headshots photographic session with John Godwin, owner of London Headshots (90min session, 4x hi-res images)
  • £250 Actors Grant (career related funding to assist with voice training workshops, courses, travel etc.)
  • Zoom H4N Audio Recorder
  • Sennheiser XS Wireless Digital System, Lavalier Set (including ME2 clip-on lavalier mic + portable wireless system)
  • Final Draft 11 Screenwriting Software
  • A year’s subscription to MUBI
  • A year’s additional membership to SP
  • Promotion of your actor profile on SP
  • Who can enter?
  • To enter the competition, you must be a Shooting People member with an actor’s profile on our site.
  • You can enter the competition every time it opens (currently this is twice a year).
  • How do I enter?
  • Just answer the qns and press SUBMIT. No uploads, no links, that’s it!
  • What is the selection process?
  • We will shortlist our top six favourite submissions..
  • The final winner will be randomly selected from the shortlisted six.
  • Each of our six shortlisted members will receive their next year of SP membership for free.
  • We’ll simply add it onto their account as a renewal.
  • Can I change my submission once it’s been submitted?
  • Sorry, no. But the competition will re-open every 6 months featuring different questions each time. So you can enter again during the next round.
  • Can I enter more than once?
  • You can only enter the competition with one submission each time. But you can enter the competition every time it opens (currently twice a year).
  • Where will you announce the shortlist and winner?
  • As soon as the shortlist has been selected, we will announce the shortlist in the Casting Bulletins.
  • The final winner will be announced at the next New Shoots event at RichMix.
  • All shortlisted winners will also be contacted directly.
  • When is the competition open?
  • New Shoots: Actors runs twice a year.
  • Check the casting bulletin for announcements.
  • What is the Actors Grant?
  • We hope it will help you with career-related expenses like actor training, making showreels, voice training, travel, theatre/film tickets, festival attendance...
  • How you spend it is up to you!

For more details, please see our FAQS