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Original Post from Vicki Helyar
Optimus Feedback Comp - any good?

Hi all,

As per the latest Screenwriters bulletin, in the Submissions section there is a writing competition (entitled 'We know we're different) in which you receive detailed fe…

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Hi there,

Thank you for your response.

AI was never a concern for me, someone replied to the thread suggesting that some comps use it, but thanks for clarifying. My concern…

Original Post from Sarah Blair
Composer Available

I'm a composer looking for film projects to collaborate on. It'd be great to connect with like minded creatives on inspirational projects! Apologies I'm not into horror. My web…

2 days, 16 hours ago
Original Post from Jonathan A
Most recent response from A.L. Nott
Producer looking to collaborate

Hi SP,

I am a London based producer looking to collaborate with ambitious writer/directors on shorts.

Please do get in touch if there's a project you'd like to discuss.

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Hey Nuri - and Johnathan - I heartily concur: 'producer' and 'collaborate' can mean different things to different people so this post could do with some clarification to narrow th…

Original Post from Darren Bolton
Paid Position for a producer in London and South East

Hi, we're at the early stages of developing our feature film with some initial investment money. And looking to work with a producer. We have offices in Kent and London. here are …

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Thanks Peter.

Original Post from Ed Willey
Simon - A 48hr Film

Team BadgerFox were back at the 48hr film game this past month with our entry into LAMDAs 48hr Film Fest competition.

We made the final shortlist but sadly missed out on the t…

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Thanks for all the kind words, so happy people are enjoying the film! :)

Original Post from Ray Brady

Free or hugely discounted Film Festival List 2
Dear Moderator, please make the "go to bottom" link work on these list as it hasn't previously worked on either my Mac or PC and th…

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Many thanks James, your positive feeback is really greatly appreciated.

Counterpunch Film Festival
Entry Fee Waiver Code: CPUFF2024…

Original Post from Craig Wilkinson
Most recent response from Polly *
Screen Tests

I’m interested in the general opinion on the following.

We’re a London based film hire studio. As part of our marketing we create sets in the studio to show potential clients …

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Hiya Craig,
I'm an actress based in Wales and would love to help you out on this, I could definitely do with some up to date head shots.

Original Post from Sherice Griffiths
Highland stag - Indie Feature Film Seeking Producer

Hi Guys,

I hope everyone is doing well. My name is Sherice Griffiths and I'm an award winning writer/director specialising in action/comedy. I've been making shorts for a fair …

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Hey Guys,

Just bumping this in case anyone is interested in taking a look at the script!


Original Post from Arabella Kennedy-Compston
Discounted Studio Space in Shoreditch

Hi all,

If anyone you know is looking for an affordable photography studio space (also suitable for video), Brick Studios in Shoreditch are currently offering 30% off shoots ov…

6 days, 19 hours ago
Original Post from Susanne Kirlew
Work Experience

My friends daughter is 17yrs old and wants to do some media related work experience in any of the following areas please:
- Film
- TV
- Podcast etc
The dates when she …

1 week ago
Original Post from Charly Faye
Film Festival Plan

Hi All!

I was wondering if anyone had any useful tips and tricks for putting together a festival plan. I work in the industry primarily as an actor, however next year I will be…

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Hi Adrianna,

Thank you! This is very helpful - I think most festivals we shall be submitting next year, as getting the Early Bird Deadlines will help us save some money. Really…

Original Post from Matt Kerins
Most recent response from CK Goldiing
DoP looking to connect with Northern Directors

Hey all!

I'm a DoP based in West Yorkshire with a couple of Feature films under my belt and lots of shorts & music vids. Just wanted to reach out to see if there were any York…

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Hi Matt, excellent showreel, you clearly love food-based content. I used to love it too in my photography days.

My writing/producing partner lives in Sheffield and I live in Lo…

Original Post from Alexej Voronov
Most recent response from Xenia Glen
Voice Over audio quality check

Hello, I am starting out as a voiceover artist, I want to focus on commercials and audiobooks. Would anyone be able to listen to my 1 minute commercial demo and give advice on how…

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Sure! Happy to help, Alex :)

Original Post from L MCCALLIN
Most recent response from Mike Myshko
Post Production Advice.

Hi there, I have written and made a 4.5-minute short film for fun. I didn't want to spend a lot because it is my first try, so I shot it on my phone and edited it myself. There ar…

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Hi Lily,

I work in film post (edit / colour / finishing) and also happy to have a watch for you.



Original Post from nathalie reiner
looking for volunteers

Hi there. We are making the final touches to the pre-production of a wildlife documentary about whales in Scotland and we are looking for volunteers location scout situated around…

2 weeks, 1 day ago
Original Post from Lynwood Shiva Sawyer
Today for your consideration-Writer pitchbooks

Today for your consideration:
Anybody have any thoughts about the increasing requirement for writers to create pitch books for their projects?
I personally am extremely dubious …

2 weeks, 2 days ago
Original Post from richard kelly
Trying To Network with Producers

Hello from UK. I am Looking to Network with Producers as I plan to make in the future a Micro-Budget Feature Film. Check out as i have Creator …

2 weeks, 2 days ago
Original Post from Jon King
Most recent response from Chris Chandler
Advice about music rights for filming a public dance performance


I'm working on a short documentary about a dance troupe, who do street performances. When they perform, they dance along to pre-recorded, commercial music.

I expect the…

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Hi Jon,

If you do contact rights holders, make sure that you tell them from the off that you are making an unfunded short for limited release (i.e. festivals, online), that you…

Original Post from richard kelly
Intellectual Property Graphic Novel Film Rights For Sale

Hello to all, I am Looking for anyone who can help me sell or Represent my Graphic Novels to Producers or companies. They are Creator Owned-even some Strong Female Roles. Check ou…

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Thank you alwyne I have filled out The form, if you have any other info on Getting My Graphic Novels Film Rights etc Sold -let me know-thanks. thanks.

Original Post from Russell Agro
Man 3983 - Short Film seeking Producer

Hey folks! I've got an exciting short film script and am searching for the right producer to join the project. I'm a Film Maker based in the North of England with a background in …

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Thanks Davin! I've dropped you a message.


Original Post from Samuel Sotiega
Looking for office/ studio space to rent/ share in Wandsworth/ Battersea Area

I am a filmmaker and content creator looking for office space to rent or share with a fellow creator/ photographer/ filmmaker. I have camera, lighting and grip equipment that is o…

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Thanks for the suggestion! I will look them up... I am looking at other options and have reached out to photo studios directly. Hopefully, something will come up that is suitable.…

Original Post from Simon Brooke
PAID: Seeking 1950s semi detached house for location. PAID.

Hi Shooters!

We are looking for a 1950's semi detached house, or similar, within the M25 for a high end, fully funded, short film shoot. The location will need to be realistic …

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Hi Iraj

Thanks for getting in touch. Can you send me an email at and I can send you all the info?



Original Post from richard kelly
Producer to fill Out Funding Forms Needed-Please Reply

Hello from UK. I have a Screenplay i wish to Direct that is to be Micro-Budget, Possible filmed in Spain. I am looking for a Producer to Fill out forms and apply to BFI,BBC, SKY e…

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Hello Davin- i did not mean any misunderstanding, i just did not know how to phrase it, incidentaly i have creator owned Graphic Novels, I am l…

Original Post from Nathalie Nathalie
assistant editor/ storyteller niche documentary

I'm finally expanding out for one team member to work with me in carving out existential story!

This role is for someone looking to work in something niche, non commercial and …

2 weeks, 6 days ago
Original Post from CK Goldiing
'Scuff Marks' (toxic relationship comedy sketch)

Hi friends,

Here's the last of my trio of micro sketches this month. As well as acting in it, I wrote it, too.

Logline: Chrissy & Nath's toxic relationship hits a new low; t…

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Hi Gerry, thank you for watching!

I have indeed enjoyed good times over the years, but luckily, we all have, right?

Have a great May, and good luck with your projects :)

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