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Shooting People

Script Pitch is the home for screenwriters to pitch their film scripts directly to directors and producers. SP has had a lot of success in connecting writers with filmmakers and this new online service will ensure your scripts are even more accessible.

Hit Pitch Your Script to fill out the logline, more detailed synopsis and genre of your script. Anything you pitch will appear here once it's been moderated.

Hit Read Pitches to see the latest script pitches from other SP writers. Producers,directors, agents and distributors too, can search and filter by genre, film type and budget, to find what they're interested in.

We also select pitches for our monthly special themed 'Script Pitch' bulletin, so do make sure you know what's coming up (via the Screenwriters Bulletin). Our themed special bulletins are circulated industry-wide and blogged about widely, so make sure you also select the correct genre for your work.

Good Luck!