The first short I ever wrote was made as a result of posting on Shooting People. Ended up going to Sundance. Great times.
Jack Thorne, Bafta Winning Writer (This is England 88, The Secret Garden)

What is Script Pitch?

Script Pitch is a database of script outlines and story ideas uploaded by members of Shooting People.

Directors and Producers in the Shooting People community, as well as Production Companies, Agents and Distributors, can search Script Pitch for screenplays they want to develop and writers they want to work with.

Members can upload pitches for feature films, shorts, TV pilots and web content at any time.

How effective is Script Pitch?

Whilst it’s very difficult to track productions that get made thanks to Script Pitch, and success is often dependent on luck and timing, we do often hear from writers later down the line about how the service has helped them.

  • Nicholas Horwood uploaded a film idea that lead to him working with Bafta winning Producer Sophie Venner on the short ‘That Thing You Drew’. He also found the Guiding Lights mentoring scheme though Shooting People, which bagged him an agent and another short that was nominated for a Welsh BAFTA.
  • Jack Thorne got the first screenplay he ever wrote made thanks to Script Pitch, and the finished short film went to Sundance.
  • Carl Tibbetts and Gary Sinyor found each other through Script Pitch, and the duo went on to write and direct the feature film ‘Retreat’, starring Thandie Newton and Cillian Murphy.

How can I find scripts and writers to work with?

The Script Pitch database is constantly updating. You can search it for material at any time, and then contact the writers directly.

You can also receive the Script Pitch bulletin which goes out monthly and contains highlighted pitches.

Log In to sign up and receive it twice a month.

One bulletin contains our favourite pitches that tie in with a monthly theme. The theme is advertised to our Screenwriter members.

The other bulletin contains our favourite pitches that don’t fit the theme but have still been uploaded that month.

In each bulletin, one pitch will be crowned our ‘Monthly Pick’ and get pride of place at the top of the database, as well as inclusion in a special search category.

What if I want to commission a writer to work on a specific film idea?

As well as contacting writers directly through Script Pitch, you can receive the Screenwriters bulletin.

Log In to sign up and receive it twice a month.

The Screenwriters bulletin is where writers get to debate their craft, hear about competitions and funding opportunities, and find out the monthly Script Pitch theme.

It is also the place to commission a writer to develop an idea. Your job post must provide detail of what remuneration you will offer for the work.

How do I use Script Pitch as a writer?

You can upload your script outline at anytime to the Script Pitch database. Here is a brief guide on how to get the most from it:

  • Ready your story longline (a one or two line summary) and synopsis (a detailed outline of the film - max 400 words).
  • Enter your information into the ‘Pitch Your Script’ form. Your pitch will be screened by a Shooting People staffer and then made visible for all members to read.
  • Once your pitch is on the database, it will be automatically eligible for one of the two Script Pitch highlight bulletins, sent out every month to Shooting People members.
  • If your pitch fits the monthly theme, it will be eligible for the themed highlight bulletin. If not it could be selected for the general highlight bulletin.
  • In each bulletin, one pitch will be crowned the ‘Monthly Pick’, getting pride of place at the top of the database and making it forever part of a special search category.
  • Make sure you have chosen to receive the Script Pitch bulletin to read our monthly pitch highlights, and the Screenwriters bulletin to hear about what theme is coming up next.

Do I need a full script to add a pitch?

No. You can submit your story as just an outline.

But once their curiosity is triggered, Producers on Shooting People do prefer to have a full draft ready to read.

Will Shooting People continue to support writers?

Yes. We believe that a screenplay is the foundation of a successful film, and that writers are unfairly marginalised in this industry.

So we are committed to supporting writers with a variety of services, whether that be promoting work directly to producers and directors; updating writers on funding and other opportunities; providing space for writers to debate their craft and support each other; and getting tools and services to writers at an excellent discount.

What makes Shooting People unique is that we are a community of creatives right across the industry, so we can connect writers to filmmakers directly and in a variety of different ways.

I wish I had Shooting People when I was growing up, searching for a community of likeminded people. It’s a vital lifeline for filmmakers and writers.
Peter Strickland, Writer/Director (Berberian Sound Studio, In Fabric, The Duke of Burgundy)

The team continually track new and upcoming talent via Shooting People. We want to inspire and support the next generation of writers for the big screen.
Creative England, Film Department