About Shooting People

SHOOTING PEOPLE is a vibrant community of independent filmmakers - we connect and we collaborate to make feature films, shorts, documentaries, web series, and more.
We exist because we believe that the best way to get independent films made and out into the world is to learn from others doing it themselves.

In 1998, sixty filmmaker friends, including founders Cath Le Couteur and Jess Search, pioneered this group. Now, Shooting People is a network of thousands of independent filmmakers, who cast and crew around 200 films each week using SP services. We continue to break new ground with techniques, ideas and teamwork, reflected in the number of awards and distribution releases members achieve.

Shooters are doing great things: creating distinctive, bold films, engaging new audiences, experimenting with cutting edge technologies, discovering new sources of crowdfunding, exploring new models of distribution, and forging sustainable careers with the help of all the different services we offer:

  • Jobs and Collaborations: Acting, Directing, Producing, Writing or Crew
  • Funding and Competitions Directory
  • Members Network and Forum
  • Daily Email Bulletins with Opportunities
  • Script Pitch
  • NEW SHOOTS Competition