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Original Post from richard kelly
Literary Contacts-Agents-please reply

Hello From Richard in UK. I have 6 creator owned Graphic Novels-with Screenplays too. I have tried finding literary agents, as I am Looking to sell their Film Rights. If anyone ha…

7 hours ago
Original Post from Dan Selakovich
Most recent response from Yen Rickeard

I heard from a friend of mine that I hadn't seen in awhile yesterday. He's in pre-production on a low-budget feature, and was complaining that the DP (DoP) hadn't gotten him a sho…

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All good points here, and of course we are concentrating on the big picture, but the sound recorder has an important role to play too. The sound scape is very important, and subtl…

Original Post from Sherice Griffiths
Most recent response from Yen Rickeard
Award winning short mockumentary Killing for a Living now available!

Hi guys,

I’m delighted to share that my short mockumentary films, Killing for a Living is now available to watch on YouTube!

We screened at a number of global festivals and…

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Well shot and funny. Don't think these assassins are going to have a long story arc though. Great work on a low budget.

Original Post from Scott Clancey
Acting Showreels

Hi guys!

I’m currently offering a deal of £60 for acting Showreels for the first 15 actors that contact me.

For more info message me or check out my insta post: https://ww…

2 days, 11 hours ago
Original Post from Vivian Kemp
Most recent response from Bob Eckhard
Looking for Storyboard Artist

Looking for a storyboard artist for an upcoming short film. Please message me, thanks in advance!

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Hi Vivian

First off, I need to say my name is 'Bob Eckhard' but SP managed to corrupt my email such that I have to use my middle name psuedonym Leo Michael (middle names) as …

Original Post from Roger Hyams
Short film festivals

Dear Shooters,

I've submitted my new short film to several festivals, including those specific to shorts, such as Go Shorts & Hamburg. The film is narrative fiction, but might …

3 days, 8 hours ago
Original Post from Adem Ay
Most recent response from Oren Shafir
Anyone used Screenwriting Staffing?

Hey Shooters,

Recently stumbled on this US-based website posting both paid and unpaid work for screenwriters (to see the paid opportunities you need to subscribe).


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I won’t comment on the quality of the jobs, but I will say that I’ve tried without success to cancel my subscription and they don’t respond at all to my emails.

Original Post from Ray Brady

Free or hugely discounted Film Festival List 2
Dear Moderator, please make the "go to bottom" link work on these list as it hasn't previously worked on either my Mac or PC and th…

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That Film Festival
Entry Fee Waiver Code: FRIEND100

Original Post from richard kelly

Hello, I am looking for someone to help me to sell the Film Rights to my 6 creator owned Graphic Novels. Trying to find Literay Agents is a chore. Some have screenplays. Some are …

1 week ago
Original Post from James McCann
Most recent response from Madis Malgand
Reputable Distribution Companies

Hi All,
Can anyone recommend and good distribution companies for a feature-length comedy-horror?

Whether they be known for handling a lot of projects, or if they are a sm…

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Hi James,

Thanks for let me know I will look into this, why it was binged, but I have received it and sent the reply now.
Best wishes.


Original Post from PHIL WEST
Most recent response from Loren Kinsella
British Films Market?

Hello, I've been given an official invitation to the British Films Market, but I just wanted to find out if anyone in this SP community has been to BFM before and what they though…

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Yes, of course.
You can email me at:
and we'll take it from there.

Original Post from Ray Brady
Problem uploading Pro res 422 video files to FilmHub

Hi, is anyone else finding FilmHub's new automatic title upload system frustrating? Whilst I love the fact that it warns you when there is a problem with any of your subtitle file…

1 week, 3 days ago
Original Post from richard kelly
Looking for Connections- Film Rights

Hello Everyone, I have 6 creator owned Graphic Novels, some with Screenplay Adaptions. I am aware of literary agents, I am looking for someone who is either a Manager or has Conne…

2 weeks ago
Original Post from Cecile Sinclair
Graduate colourist wanted !

Looking for a colourist to help finalise our short film of 8:20 minutes!
Sadly we have run out of budget so looking for anyone willing to help for
low or no budget (expenses on…

2 weeks, 3 days ago
Original Post from James McCann
Film Insurance Recommendations?

Hi all,
Could anyone recommend a good firm to purchase film insurance through, please?

Looking for insurance for the shoot, and was hoping to get the benefit of some of y…

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That's fantastic, thank you Margaret.

Original Post from nathalie reiner
Most recent response from Tristan Marshall
need volunteers for pre-prod'

We are currently working on the pre-production of a documentary about a group of whales in Scotland.
We need some help to finalize our proposal. Our producer already started look…

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I am interested in being a part of this project. My email address is



Original Post from Shona Charlton
Location needed in London for a charity film

Hi all,
I'm shooting a film for a leading charity working to prevent suicide and self-harm. We have a London-based cast and an original song already recorded. Everyone is donatin…

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This is now sorted thanks to Tony.
Not sure how to close the query so I’m adding this edit.

Original Post from George Wright
Most recent response from Robyn Hargreaves
Movie Monsters

Hi everyone,

I don't normally post here, but I'm a writer/director with a bit of... writer's block.

I'm writing a low-budget horror with a monster, so I've been revisiting h…

16 responses, most recent 2 weeks, 6 days ago.

Hi George,

One that sprung to mind is It from 'It Follows'. A sort of paranormal sexually-transmitted demon that slowly follows you until it gets close enough to kill and maim …

Original Post from richard kelly
Manager Needed-With Connections

Hello, Everyone From the UK, I have 6 creator owned Graphic Novels some have screenplay adaptions. Check out I have Different Genre's Horror, T…

3 weeks, 1 day ago
Original Post from Matthew Mutton
Sound Guy seeks Projects

Afternoon (or good morning whenever you stumble across this message)

I have been actively involved in sound projects for over 2 years now and I am looking for more opportunitie…

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Hi Brian, I'm in Manchester

Original Post from Xenia Glen

Hi there,

Please can anyone recommend specialist accountants for film & television? Asking for a friend who runs a small production company and is looking to move accountants.

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Thanks Nic and Uriel!

Xenia :)

Original Post from Tina Walker
Most recent response from A.L. Nott
Spotlight - the Petition...

Hi all,

In solidarity with my actor friends, I'm sharing the link to the petition to remove Spotlight's new tiered memberships.…

2 responses, most recent 1 month ago.

Looks like the campaign's working?

Original Post from Richard Harrison
Help Needed - Film Finance Plan

Help needed helping create a Film Business Plan.

Dear All,

I desperately need help creating a Business Plan for a £5.6m budget feature film, HANDFUL OF THIEVES, due to be s…

2 responses, most recent 1 month ago.

Thanks very much Alwyne,

Much appreciated and really appreciate the help that Shooters give each other. If there's any advice or help I can offer back please ask any time.


Original Post from Nick Ayton
Most recent response from Sascha Fromeyer
Virtual Production

I'm looking for a virtual production partner expert in the latest VFX and visual effects and techniques...

Who would you recommend?

2 responses, most recent 1 month ago.

Hi Nick. There are quite a few on our books.
I would think you might want to start your journey with Victor.
I will put you in touch with …

Original Post from Vanya Tomova
Most recent response from Cecile Sinclair
Colourist looking for projects

Hi all,
I'm a freelance colourist based in North London. As I'm in between projects with a lot of waiting going on, I'd prefer to keep myself busy in my free time in order to gai…

4 responses, most recent 1 month ago.

Hi Vanya !
My name is Cecile - I’m an actor and together with a friend (bex) we filmed
Something she wrote. This is my first time producing and in al honesty I think I should S…

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