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Original Post from Sarah Blair
Composer Looking for Great New Project!

I'm a composer looking to connect with film makers! I'm keen to collaborate & find a fantastic new project. My website: I'm classically trained & I've played …

9 hours ago
Original Post from Richard Anthony Dunford
Most recent response from Franz von Habsburg FBKS MSc
Movie Magic Software

Does anyone know where you can get a second hand version of Movie Magic?

A producer friend of mine is looking to get a copy so he can learn how to use it over the summer.

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It doesn’t work like that as it’s locked to your name/computer so not mobile, same as FD although I do have old FD discs, but MM is a download so to me only.

Original Post from Michalis Despotopoulos
Most recent response from Maria Crowcroft-Alexander
Build portfolio as an editor

While I do have some experience as an Editor from personal projects, I've never worked for someone else. My completed projects are rather simple and I'd prefer to not use them as …

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Hi I put an ad on and if you can work as an unpaid editor that would be great. Its very microbudget but fun.

Original Post from Jonathan A
Most recent response from Maria Crowcroft-Alexander
Producer looking to collaborate

Hi SP,

I am a London based producer looking to collaborate with ambitious writer/directors on shorts.

Please do get in touch if there's a project you'd like to discuss.

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Hi there I've got a comedy horror short on amazon that people love. I've writen another zombie comedy a little longer and would love someone to help produce it. best wishes Ma…

Original Post from Maria Crowcroft-Alexander
looking for editor for film hub pro res

Hi I've got a comedy short on Amazon and having difficulty uploading to film hub. I'm going into another comedy horror project and need help with filming it for editing for film…

1 day, 12 hours ago
Original Post from Ray Brady

Free or hugely discounted Film Festival List 2
Dear Moderator, please make the "go to bottom" link work on these list as it hasn't previously worked on either my Mac or PC and th…

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A Pecan Pickling Film Festival
Entry Fee Waiver Code: APPFAM2024

Original Post from Sade Popoola
Can anyone help with funding for black female filmmakers

Hi there.
I am an actress that is also into producing.I am looking to how to get my film funded. Unfortunately the crowdfunding I started to raise funds is not doing well at the m…

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Apologies for late response.

I am just seeing this as I do not get notifications so did not know I had responses to my requests.

Apologies but thank you for your response.

Original Post from louis marcell
Composer Ready and Available for Work

Greetings All,
ComposerAudio drama producer here Louis Marcell here
Looking for jobs in either composition or Post Sound.
Happy to help with whatever is needed and can work for…

5 days, 8 hours ago
Original Post from Patrick Popolampo
Collaboration For A Series

good day my name is Patrick.
I'm an actor and a producer, I am currently working on a series. I am looking for investors and collaborators.

anyone interested buzz me le…

5 days, 10 hours ago
Original Post from Susanne Kirlew
Most recent response from Nathalie Sheldon
Work Experience

My friends daughter is 17yrs old and wants to do some media related work experience in any of the following areas please:
- Film
- TV
- Podcast etc
The dates when she …

1 response, most recent 5 days, 17 hours ago.

Hi. If you are interested we offer internships. Right now we have a location based edit role for 2 weeks but if you email specifics we can see if we can spread it out for 5 days t…

Original Post from charlie vaughan
Most recent response from Amaru N Narvaez Reyes
Cinematographer looking to collaborate

Hello I'm Charlie Vaughan.

Im looking for fellow creatives to collaborate with. Looking to shoot shorts, commercials and all around interesting projects.

Please get in touc…

6 responses, most recent 6 days, 1 hour ago.

Hi Peter,

I do indeed have a reel, although it is in need of an update, another reason I'm keen to collaborate on projects. Anyway you can find it on my spotlight here: https:…

Original Post from Sonia Cheung
Actress looking for film work.

Hi everyone my name is Sonia and I am a trained actress (both agent represented and on spotlight )I am looking for acting work and to expand my show reel material .I am based in…

6 days, 11 hours ago
Original Post from Fred W
Most recent response from Davin Jeayes
Horror festivals

I was wondering if anyone have recommendations as to what horror/scifi/fantasy festivals that are worthwhile submitting a horror short film? Any good resources about this?…

3 responses, most recent 1 week ago.

I've just started one myself in London which will be over the Halloween period. Focus is on great horror and dark thriller films. Live audience, great venue, cheap to submit and f…

Original Post from patrick astwood
Looking to collaborate with PACT registered production company

I have developed a distinctive and on-trend reality show format and I'm looking to collaborate with established player in the reality show format for a Channel 4 commissioning pit…

1 week, 1 day ago
Original Post from Sarah Blair
Composer Keen to Connect/Collaborate

Hi there, I'm a composer looking for my next project. Are you in need of music for your new film/creative project? My website:
Looking to connect …

1 week, 3 days ago
Original Post from Elliot Grove
Most recent response from Anthony Nott
Does Indie Film Embrace Protest?

Raindance Film Festival debated the theme of their 2024 festival advert. We decided it should mirror the worldwide protests, as well as echo the Summer of Love in 1967: Give Peace…

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('Censorship' in so far as festival themes outside of a festivals general genre/stated remit are strong deterrents to those whose films do not by random chance synch with the seem…

Original Post from Len evans
Most recent response from James McCann
feature films

Lets make films
Populus Pictures have a great slate of feature film projects, we need cast and crew to come on board and work on 2 or 3 of these films for
profit, First would b…

1 response, most recent 2 weeks, 1 day ago.

Hi Len,
When you write, 'for profit,' I take it that means no payment but profit participation?
What percentage of profit is available for each department?
Net or gross?

Original Post from Richard Anthony Dunford
Crowdfunding Plug

Shameless crowdfunding plug for our Kickstarter campaign to raise funding to finish off post production and then enter film festivals.

The film is a micro budget Horror/Sci-fi…

2 weeks, 1 day ago
Original Post from Harvey Andrews
Most recent response from Borys Shusterman
Short Film feedback

Hello everyone,

A couple friends and I recently got together and made our first short since graduating film school two years ago.

I kindly ask if you could spare 10 minutes …

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Hi Harvey,
My English isn't very good. So I didn't understand the dialogue very well, but I think I got the point. I liked the film in general, especially if you consider that i…

Original Post from Sarah Blair
Composer Keen to Collaborate

I'm a composer looking for my next project. Are you in need of music for your film? I'm looking to connect with like minded creatives on inspiring projects. My website: https://…

2 weeks, 3 days ago
Original Post from Lynwood Shiva Sawyer
Further to Script Contests and AI

For your consideration. Please share with the rest of us your experience. From Wiki Screenplay Contest:
Many online screenplay "contests" are now providing "feedback" by tossing …

3 weeks ago
Original Post from SP Team
Discounts for Shooting People Members

Hi everyone,

Here is an updated list of discounts on filmmaking tools, training, and software:

90 days free on Mubi


3 weeks ago
Original Post from Jonathan Brind
Documentary Bulletin

There was one once, but it seems to have disappeared. What happened?

3 weeks, 2 days ago
Original Post from Julie Blue
Looking for a community based in Gloucester

Looking for writers, directors, actors, etc in Gloucester based groups.

3 weeks, 2 days ago
Original Post from Ed Willey
Most recent response from Julie Blue
Simon - A 48hr Film

Team BadgerFox were back at the 48hr film game this past month with our entry into LAMDAs 48hr Film Fest competition.

We made the final shortlist but sadly missed out on the t…

8 responses, most recent 3 weeks, 2 days ago.

Great work, Loved the acting. Well done

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