Actor Advice & New Shoots: Actors Awards 2024

Posted April 24th, 2024 by Jim Read

Shooting People’s New Shoots: Actors Awards is opening on May the 1st New Shoots is a yearly award programme that celebrates, supports, and spotlights creatives working in film. The winner and runners-up of the Actors Awards will receive mentorship from world-renowned casting director Des Hamilton, Spotlight memberships, Mubi subscriptions, kit, and cash prizes 💸

“It was amazing meeting with Des Hamilton Casting through SP’s New Shoots: Actors Awards 2024. It’s the Hard Working Ethics, Discipline and Committing to the Role that makes all the difference for an actor.”

Jason Hall, Actor, New Shoots Runner-Up 2023

Nine shortlisted actors will take away other prizes, support, and spotlighting to SP’s community of filmmakers. Entry is super simple, you don’t need to audition or submit a showreel – we want to hear about your dedication to the craft over the amount of experience you have. To enter, you’ll just need to be a Shooting People member and answer a couple of simple questions about your experiences as a performer.

Thinking of entering the New Shoots: Actors Awards? Here’s some advice on the performing arts industry from actors who entered last year…

The best thing about being an actor is other actors. I think we need to recognise each other more and lift each other up wherever we can- and not view each other as competitors.

Elinor Shooting People Actor Member

There is so much advice out there for actors, so much that I don’t feel I can share anything new or revelatory. However, something that has served me particularly well is having the confidence to take less advice. A lot of thriving and incredibly successful people make it up as they go along and are much closer to you than you might think. Absolutely listen to their words, but make sure you’re up and doing something with that advice the next day.

Bradley Shooting People Actor Member

If you are emerging  in any sense of the word  you have to fight for your right to be an artist  I’d encourage you to create your own work, especially if it’s political, because due to the cuts happening within the arts sector your very existence in this is industry is political

Chloe Shooting People Actor Member, Actors Award runner-up 2022

Shooting People was a great introduction into the film world for me! Like-minded people, with links to resources, good advice and a network. It’s a great way to meet potential collaborators, cast and crew,

Alice Lowe – SP alumni, actor and writer/director ‘Prevenge’, ‘Sightseers’

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