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Shooting People
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Actor (Male or Female - 40 to 60) to play head teacher in 30 second short.

Rate of pay
Expenses Only:
The budget for the project is limited and we're looking to create a bit of a showpiece to secure future work so have spent the majority of the budget on hiring lights, location, a superb lighting technician, film kit and then the remaining budget is going on post and the grade.

The production is made for a charity or community project or is self-funded.

The production company is not a TV or Corporate commission/ Low budget/ Made by a production company with less than £1m turnover per year.

All cast/crew on the production will be offered:
  • Expense agreements for all personal costs.
  • Appropriate credits whenever they are listed.
  • and a copy of the film for showreel purposes.
Shooting in
Great Britain, South West

For more details, or to make an application:

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