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Shooting People
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Rate of pay
Expenses Only:
At the moment it is an expenses only deal. Travel, food, copy of the film and of course a credit. This arrangement may well change as it is my pet hate in the industry to see my fellow creatives excellent talent exploited because of the love we have for making films and the love we have for being a part of the film making process. Trust me, I know. On "My Only Relative" you will be treat at all times with the utmost respect and courtesy and that is the way it is going to be. Anyone not extending this basic requirement will be asked to change their attitude or leave the set. As things develop I hope to make it a more than expenses deal. Main cast will definitely have a points incentive in the film. Alf is main cast.

The production is made for a charity or community project or is self-funded.

The production company is not a TV or Corporate commission/ Low budget/ Made by a production company with less than £1m turnover per year.

All cast/crew on the production will be offered:
  • Expense agreements for all personal costs.
  • Appropriate credits whenever they are listed.
  • and a copy of the film for showreel purposes.
Shooting in
Great Britain, South East

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