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Shooting People
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Director of Photography

Rate of pay
Expenses Only:
I have very little money. I'm based in N. Ireland but can only imagine that this project will be shot somewhere in England. There just isn't the wide base of talent to draw from in N. Ireland. Hence, I will be forking out for hotel and flights etc for myself. I am prepared to go anywhere where I can get this project made. It's an urban story, but universal, so any large town would fit the bill.I have a film company (Silver Sombrero Pictures: but the turnover is £1 per annum. I'm holding on to the company because I have various projects lined up. It's a question of getting that first 90 minute film well made and into festivals and then onto TV and other revenue platforms. My Belfast Film Festival entry Faraway was 60 mins long and this mitigated against its distribution. I want to rectify that now with a proper 90 minute film in a recognised genre. I fully believe that quality can be maintained despite the lack of a proper budget...if the right people come on board with the right attitude. I'd love to pay proper rates, but this would mean that this project would never get off the ground. I will offer a percentage to everyone involved. Obviously, the more an individual is involved the higher the percentage of profits. Contracts to this effect will be drawn up for everyone: actors, crew, extras. No one will miss out.

The production is made for a charity or community project or is self-funded.

The production company is not a TV or Corporate commission/ Low budget/ Made by a production company with less than £1m turnover per year.

All cast/crew on the production will be offered:
  • Expense agreements for all personal costs.
  • Appropriate credits whenever they are listed.
  • and a copy of the film for showreel purposes.

For more details, or to make an application:

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