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Shooting People
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Section Cis

SECTION CIS is an observational documentary which gives a powerful visual description of the London squatting community and focuses on the story of Tara, transgender woman and activist. Captured over the course of two years, the film sees Tara both navigating transphobia and attempting to find her place within a shifting squatting community. SECTION CIS is a testament to the bravery and honesty of people fighting for their values, individually or collectively.

Shooting in
Great Britain, London
Shoot Date
1st Jun 2019 - 1st Nov 2020
Type of film
Documentary, Feature
Student project?
Production Company
Bad Table Manners
Up to £100,000
Is project insured
Why not insured: The project is currently looking for funding to cover the insurance.


  • Producer
  • Editor
  • Composer
  • Agent