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Does anyone remember/ know this short film?

I'm trying to remember a short film that I once saw. I wonder if anyone can tell me what it was. Basically, of what I remember, it goes like this...

A fisherman (?) is going about his business in an idyllic looking location. He's approached by a businessman (?) type person who looks like he's been succesful at life. The businessman spots that the fisherman has the beginnings of a good business. The businessman asks the fisherman why doesn't he work harder, buy another boat, employ more people, make more money?
The fisherman asks... 'Why would I want to do that?' The businessman says 'Because you would make more money, which would mean you could work less, and spend more time with your friends and family.' The fisherman says 'That's exactly what I'm doing now, and why I'm not doing that.'

I seem to remember that there are lots of different version of this story, all in different languages and settings. Can anyone help please?



1 year ago