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I would like to buy a feature length screenplay.

My investor would like to own a finished screenplay that we can revise to an extent we feel ready to produce into a movie. Due to his past experience with option agreements his plan is to own the material outright. He wish for us to consider one or two scripts that resonate with him and we then go to work on changing it to function more in our favour (or not if it works already). So we seek writers who are prepared and willing to have a script revised almost completely if necessary. They have the choice too keep their "written by credit" or remove their name if they think the final version sucks. They would have to share the credit if new writers are hired too. So a flat fee and/or extra fee from the budget is available. If interested then we would appreciate the synopsis, treatment first with your lowest acceptable buy out fee. So maybe this can work for a script that's still in first draft state or just one that never got a chance to be made for some years. We have an idea to make a £50K-100K micro budget flick (so probably comedy/horror) and a £500K movie (Drama, Sci Fi) Please message here

3 months ago