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Hello everyone,
my name is Stefano Nurra, I work remotely (from London) with Hove-based Parsley Productions.

Parsley Productions has been active for more than twenty years and has produced documentaries and broadcast programs for major broadcasters. We have put a lot of efforts in the past 5 years to push our drama content and enjoyed a great festival run with our short film HUM, which had its premiere at Fantasia Film Festival and went on to nominated as Best Short at British Urban Film Festival and has screened at festivals such as Sitges, Frightfest, P.K. Dick Sci-Fi, FilmQuest, Comic-Con, etc...

We recently sold the short to Gunpowder&Sky's platform DUST and we reached over half a million views between Facebook, Youtube and the platform. You can see the short here:
Myself (as writer/director) and Parsley Productions' lead producer Scott Imren have been selected as emerging talent in genre by EU Media European Genre Forum. We also received a Special Mention by Guillermo del Toro's led pitching workshop Sitges Pitchbox.

After 4 years in development//financing we are setting the ground to shoot our first indie-budget feature (below 700k), based on our proof of concept short (as soon as lockdown allows us to do so!). We have some great people on-board, whose credits include major blockbusters and festivals' successes.

We're keen to hear from the Brighton's film community as this is where we intend to base the majority of our shooting. We're especially keen to hear from Production Department roles including Production Coordinators, Production Managers, 1st and 2nd ADs, Script Supervisors. We're also on the lookout for Special Effect people and Costume Designers.
We want to get the lay of the land and start connecting with those who might be interested in the project.
This is just a first step for us to connect with the Brighton drama shooting community.

Please reply with your profile if you'd like to know more and we'll get in touch.

All the best

5 months ago