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Choosing a DOP for short

Dear All,

I am going to start planning a shooting for a 3 min. short film I wrote and I want to direct for a contest with a wide local visibility...just to start(my first after a lot of speculative scripts)

I have no budget but I've found locally(Sardinai-Italy)a couple of videomaker happy to join the project for DOPs-Operator.

Now I have to choose, one seems to be more similar about my estethic vision but have not so much equipment, he is a photographer and a video maker but with no credit at all and also a little bit bad tempered; He is also in a certain way an old "friend" but he is going to compete in the contest with another personal project

The other one has a lot of equipment but not sure about his proper "Cinamatic eye". I will know him better within a couple of days but I am wondering if he is more a "TV guy" so use to shot with extra definition camera but without the skills for lighting and "building" the good mood for a shoot(a night shot one!).

could it be something valuable I should consider to ask them to smartly choose?

Thanks to everyone!

PS I know that they're not real cinematographers/DOP but they are the ones I could count on by now, and for free

1 year ago