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How to pursue copyright issues breached on Amazon and Kindle plagiarism


A friend has the following issue:

I spent 13 years in South Africa in my 20s/30s. I wrote a romance novel in 2011 under a female pen name. The story is mostly set in Zimbabwe and on the Zambezi river around the fabulous waterfall Victoria Falls. Mills & Boon turned it down, so I self-published it.
I read an article from the Independent about plagiarism becoming a common problem on Amazon. Thieves buy a novel and rehash it under a new title and self-publish it as their own work.
I never thought it would affect me!
Then 2 weeks ago I borrowed a library book by a best-selling young American writer. First time I've read him. His story is set in Zambia which is on the far bank of the Zambezi river from Zimbabwe. The action swings round to Victoria Falls and suddenly I'm reading bits of scenes and actions almost identical to what I put in my book. My ideas with similar, but not identical, wording to mine. My guess is, home in the US, he wanted more info about the Zambezi area, used a search engine which came up with my title, Zambezi Seduction.
The internet advice in these situations is to do something. Don't let it slide. Using another writer's ideas without acknowledging the source is theft.
So after a lot of thought I wrote to him today through his website. A calm but seriously worded letter pointing out the similarities and asking for his response. If he ignores me I'll go to his publisher. I'm not looking to sue. I just feel he should acknowledge the source or remove the material.
I don't want to give out his name now. But I'll tell you later after I've heard, or not heard, from him.

I copied his message to me and wondered if shooters had any views on this.
Can anyone help on sorting the copyright breach?

11 months ago