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A 2nd short film or a super low budget feature? what's better to kickstart a directing career?

Dear all, a few months ago I wrote produced and directed my very first short film ever. All in one "session/from sunset to sunrise" with a microbudget and a super reduced cast and crew, 8 min running time. It's yet in the festival circuit even a primal attempt and luckily is doing well with nominations and awards from decent festivals.

Now I am thinking How to go on and kickstart a directing career...antything original here on SP... I know it's not an original question but I'd be more than happy to receive advice and suggestion about this topic:

Is it better to write down quickly and filmed another short film and then go on with another festival tour(if lucky to film something good) and than trying to find help and financiers with this second short OR Could be better to wait some months more and write a feature (or readapt a 1st draft of another one I wrote previously), and so going to hopefully get noticed with a meaningful feature upon my belt?

I know that is all about money but generally speaking what do you think about? the money question will follow shortly!

PS If anyone(especially experienced members but also not limited to) would be so kind to accept to have a look to my 1st short I'will be happy to write the link and the password on PM. The short was really well reviewed by a top class UK "A" list DOP.



11 months ago