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Looking for Horror feature script achievable on £30k budget

I'm a producer with access to a £30k budget. I've teamed up with a director and we're keen to see if we could put together a saleable horror film for that amount. (I know it will be a challenge!)

I've produced a few short films, including two of which I'm really proud:

My first (on £10k budget) Symptoms:

You have Been Chosen, included in the Silent Eye series (zero budget):

I've also recently completed a £10k feature, with another one very close to completing post and I'm keen to try something slightly higher to see if we can sell it for higher than the budget.

I'm looking for horror scripts with minimal locations (ideally one), minimal cast (ideally 2-4) and minimal special effects. If anyone has anything suitable please drop me a line.

7 months ago