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Any women wish to partake in documenting their experiences of sexual exploitation/harrassment in the industry?

Aimed at women, notably actresses and female crew members:

Dear Ladies,

For the foreseeable future, I will be running a campaign known as "Why Should I?" - This will be a platform created to provide women with the opportunity to voice their encounters of sexual harassment, exploitation, degradation or otherwise, committed primarily by men in "positions of power", in the film/entertainment industry.

This will be aimed at actresses that have everyday stories of sexism, discrimination or similar, whether that’s a terrible request during an audition to simply a patronising comment from a male colleague or director/producer. etc.

This is not only actresses, but also female crew and, of course, women in other professions entirely.
I've already had over 20 actresses come forward which is a sad but truthful testament to how problematic this is.

What we aim to do is document these stories or experiences and provide a catalogue of women who have been subjected to this on a website to create maximum exposure and help spread the word and stamp this out.

I am in charge of a company that prides itself on promoting the incredible work women do in film today and am personally saddened by the constant trend of unequal respect and treatment of women.

Recent events in the media have brought this more attention, but solving this imbalance still needs a lot more encouragement in industries that are predominantly ruled by men.

We understand that some of your encounters might be very emotional to recount either on video or audibly, so we aim to uphold the utmost sensitivity, professionalism and productivity when commencing this process.

The process itself would entail a talking heads-type interview, in a mutually agreed location, conducted by a female interviewer who has volunteered herself, as she has also personally suffered sadly.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more or feel you would indeed like to participate and have your story told.
This can also be done anonymously if you so wish.

If you don't wish to post directly on this forum, please feel free to send me a direct email at:

Look forward to hearing from you.

Take care and wish you well.

Warmest Regards,

1 year ago