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Looking for a Producer

Looking to build a team for the London Sci-Fi 48hr Film Competition coming up on the 13th April.

I'm a Director, I've had a lot of experience with this competition and I'm looking for others that may be interested in doing it again this year. Focused on finding a Producer at this stage but I'm more than happy to see who else is interested.

You can see some short scenes I've done here:

Here is a previous London sci fi 48hr film I did that got shortlisted:

I can show you some more work I've done over a chat. A Producer that has a bit of creative spill in other areas of the production along side me is a bonus as I would also be spilling help with the producing side of things, let's have that synergy and team work!

Someone strong in writing would also be great as this is an area I can do with assistance on.

Would love to see who is interested!

I am based in East London, I have a decent sized flat that can also be used as a base for all operations and the post workflow :)

2 years ago