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Any agents willing to represent Wales based writers?

I've been going through the agent lists. Many want to work local to them. Which may mean London. Or Los Angeles. Or even Scotland. (I set a novel in Scotland because I wanted to work with an agent there, but apparently they want Scotland based writers.)

Trying to reverse find agents, (by starting with those who represent writers whose work I admire) I find most that are interested in new writers seem to want writers in certain areas. I can't always find a writer's agent for local writers.

Now, I'd like an agent because the publishers and studios I want to work with want to go through agents. Also, I know from my attempts at producing how hard it can be to deal directly with a writer. I believe that agents truly do earn their ten percent.

If you know of any agents that represent directors, actors or stunt performers based in Mid Wales, please let me know. I'm especially interested in those that deal with young adult fiction, adventure stories, screwball comedy, surreal fiction for kids, and historical fiction.

Though I'm based in the UK, and have begun writing with British spelling, I tend to prefer Japanese and American fiction. (And I tend to get further with American and European publishers and filmmakers too.) So, I'm open to agents abroad who represent writers here, or agents who work with foreign publishers.

vasco.desousa *at*

9 months ago