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Re–write Partner Needed For Musical Film Based On Music By The Beatles

I wrote a musical film script that based on the Beatles songs. The Black List gave me the following evaluation: 'Despite all of the problems, there’s an inherent charm that can be felt in the affection towards the band.'

I need a partner because I'm not a native English speaker. I'm Japanese, so, any native English speakers who have experience with the written word would be appreciated.

The script might have to be changed drastically. I am open to collaboration and criticism. I don't think my first ideas are always best. If you feel confident editing stories, please do reach out. Like the Beatles, I'm searching for my George Martin to make stories better!

Well, of course, I don't get any permission to use the Beatles' songs. It's incredibility expensive and I'm nobody. I don't know how 'ACROSS THE UNIVERSE'(2007) were allowed to use their songs. But I saw two 'Mamma Mia!2' on the Black List and I don't think those writers got the rights to use the music. And my script was downloaded from one of the industry members while putting it on the site for a month. Anyway, thank you for your reading.

DEFERRED PAY: [60:40, Me: You (If we sell)]

p.s. I don't have any specific connection to the industry. I'm looking for dreamers same as me.

1 year ago