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Shooting People/ Kickstarter scheme: Seaquins

We were lucky enough to progress through the Shooting People/ Kickstarter scheme, which means our project was taken under the wing of the guys at Kickstarter HQ. They advised on the building of the page and making of the video, as well as tips and support on the campaign itself.

The project is called 'Seaquins'. It's a comedy-drama set in Blackpool, 1997 and is a coming of age story about a 17 year old lad struggling with adolescence, school life...oh and his burning desire to become a drag queen:

Check us out, donate if you can and more importantly share to help get the word out.

Finally, thanks to Shooting People for the opportunity to work with Kickstarter, well worth submitting your project if you are about to launch a campaign.

1 year ago