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Wanted - director (and/or producer) - creative partnership!

Are you a director or a producer who just wants to collaborate and make something creative that you're proud of, and that can be your calling card and help you progress? Do you like the idea of having a fun and determined writer buddy to make the journey all the more pleasant?!

I could be your writer!

I'm looking for my creative kindred spirit, who wants to team up and make a short or a web series to enter into some festivals or contests.

TL;DR on me - - I'm a 28 year old Londoner. I recently pulled out of a non-fiction book I was meant to be writing because it was terrible for my mental health, and I decided to focus exclusively on film. Now, I'm one of those very solitary writers and have a bunch of features and pilots to my name. I've had some early interest, but I'm realising that to get to the next stage of development/funding, I need to be able to just have some examples of my work in action than just scripts, and often for funding opportunities you need to have a creative team in place.

So I'm looking for my director counterpart to take the next step together! I have a load of ideas of what this could be, but equally would love to start from a spark together to make sure we both get what we want. Ideally a woman, just as a matter of preference.

I write dark comedy or drama with a comedic twist in equal amounts. Thematically I think a lot about technology, policial structures (from authority through patriarchy and feminism), and quirks in our modern world.

I do have production management experience, but if anyone with experience of financing and contacts -or wants to learn on the job - then please do get in touch also!

Please message me if you're interested, or send me any advice on how I can find this person. Thanks!

8 months ago