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Looking to here from Directors and Producers, for comedy feature film script - THE FUNKS -

My name is Michael Peace, I am an actor. I have written my first feature film script, and I'm looking to build a team to get this film made.

The film is called 'THE FUNKS' set in the greatest city on earth, Liverpool, home of the scouser, The story teller, The dreamer. A chaotic comedy that follows a group of mates and their love for film.

I'd love to hear from Directors & Producers who are from Liverpool or who have a deep affiliation with the city, (Very much open to people from outside of Liverpool). The vision for the project is to portray the real magic of our city to the world. We want to build a team of established, emerging and unknown talent both in front of and behind the camera.

If you're interested, I'd love to talk and send you the script.

My email is

10 months ago