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Are you a Producer with crowdfunding experience looking for a Sci-Fi black comedy to sink your teeth into?

Are you a London-based producer looking for a project you can really sink your teeth into?

Do you like sci-fi and have an absurd/ dark sense of humour?

I'm a writer / director, currently putting together a team for STARSEED (synopsis below), many of the crew I have worked with before on my short film LITTLE (which I produced) but this time, I'm looking for someone who knows they were born for the role of producer.

Starseed will be shot on high end equipment (4k camera and anamorphic lenses [drool]) with cinematographer Derk Russell and will look Epic!
Now we need to get a crowdfunding campaign running ASAP, to make sure we have a budget for locations, costumes and props preferably before I head to the next film festival for the screening of LITTLE.

I look forward to hearing form you!

LITTLE (trailer)


Kris Williams

Noah, an alienated man searching for purpose, begins to question if he was an alien in a past life and if that would explain his apparent distaste for life on earth. Struggling with sex addiction, but struggling even more with the 12 step programme, he decides to venture further along the path of sexual discovery and contracts the help of a Wiccan dominatrix, Madame Lily, to perform a spell to take him deep into an altered state of consciousness to make contact with his alien soul family.

This witty, Sci-Fi short film walks the line between down-to-earth black comedy examining the quirks of what it means to be human and otherworldly spectacle.
As Lily binds Noah she performs the rites invoking the four elements with a kinky twist and begins the magic spell.
In another realm, a kind of mono-chromed, pink-lit warehouse, the multidimensional alien council come into alignment via a group of contemporary dancers, their limbs contacting and clicking into position, tightly synchronised to sound and music, their dance like a radio being fine-tuned, or a pinball making its way back down to the flippers, so they can psychically align and meet Noah in a mutual dimension to deliver a message.

2 weeks ago