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Legal indie filmmaking questions

Hi everyone,

I want to start producing and shooting my own short films, but I find the legal part of the process quite frustrating. I live in the UK, didn't go to film school and I am currently having a full-time job at a very different field. What I want is starting making short film starring myself, so I can create a portfolio and start practicing. So, here are my questions

1) Do I need to set up a Sole Trader alongside my day job, so I can sign any forms needed for certain locations?
2) I live in rented accommodation and I got my Landlord's permission to film myself inside my apartment. Does he have to sign a location release form or is his email confirmation enough?
3) What do I put in the "Production Company" field when it comes to any of those forms, if I don't have a production company?
4) Is private public liability insurance enough when it comes to shooting in public and hiring crew and actors?

1 year ago