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Which paid positions do you have the most trouble filling?

As I've said elsewhere, I am sometimes called upon to give career advice to young people. Even if I refuse to go to any more career fairs, I'm sure more questions about the film industry will pop up. (When people find out I have a film degree, and that I used to run a film company...they ask.)

I'm looking at paid positions that last for at least a month, full time, pay at least living wage. Which ones are the hardest to source? (If you don't pay at least a living wage, then I don't care which positions you have trouble filling, sorry. I get asked for career advice, not hobby advice.)

A related question, which talents and skills are needed for these positions? How can candidates prove they have these skills?

Where do you source these positions? And finally, would you recommend any training institutes for young people (or even older people) wishing to fill these positions? Or, are they just "got it or don't" positions?

For me in Aberystwyth, I never had trouble filling in a paid position. But, there were fewer local choices when it came to experienced sound technicians (outside of the music industry) and stunt directors. (Perhaps that's because I'm isolated here.) What about you?

If you wish to answer privately, my ebost is udigrudi, and the email provider is

11 months ago