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Re: Looking to collaborate for my short film

Hey Shooters,

I'm here to build a small talented crew to get my short film script made, and do the rounds at the festival circuit.

It's a bleak drama with dark humour exploring the themes of being an outsider, looking at the debate of nature vs nurture.

- Film length is approximately 15 to 20mins (may decrease or increase with revisions)
- 3 characters and 1 extra
- 2 locations
- no special effects

It's low budget but aiming to capture the dark underbelly of the London streets.

If you're interested feel free to get in touch, and I'll send my script to see if this is a project that you wish to get involved in.

I'm keen to get this filmed in Spring, and post production sorted, ready for summer or even earlier.

I'm fan of getting things done :)

Many thanks,


1 year ago