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Hello there everyone!

My name is Lucy, the producer at Counter Productions Films and I'm currently producing my final graduation film 'Nice to Meet You, Florence!' and principle photgraphy has concluded. We are so incredibly happy with the results and feel we've got something really special to show:)

HOWEVER the entire funding for the film currently has been fronted by myself and other crew members, all being students, we really can't afford this..AT ALL! So, have set up a crowdfund to cover a few of the expenditures. We also are in talks with a graduate composer from National Film and Television school and need a siginificant amount more budgeted to have him on board as well as a coupel of pick up shots scheduled

CROWDFUNDING LINK: ----------- You can take a look and read more about the project itself:)

Our last film 'Isabella' (2018) has done amazingly well in the festival circuit! It has been screened and selected for short film festivals such as Encounters, KinoFilm, Aesthetica and Royal Television Society student awards and continues to grow which is so overwhelming and humbling. So we want this film to follow the same trajectory and get widespread festival distribution, which obviously attaches a cost too!

SO ULTIMATELY: ANYTHING you may be able to contribute to the crowdfund would be utterly INCREDIBLE!! (£5, £10 maybe a generous £100...haha!)
I would like us all to continue living in London and persuing this amazing career path in film, but currently the entire student loan has been spent producing this and I do like having a roof over my head!

Thanks so much all for reading and I hope to collaborate with you on some of your projects in the future!

Just to give you an idea of our content and who we are, I thought it may be good to attach our instagram for you to take a look at aswell:)

1 year ago