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Can anybody help with some SFX for a no-budget feature?

I was wondering if anyone could help with some post-production f/x for my no-budget first feature, currently being prepared for submission to The London Film Festival and Raindance.

One of the characters has been shot in the face. We managed to get make-up which didn't look terrible for most of her scenes. But one scene the make-up artist wasn't there and it looks terrible.

The film is in B&W, and it's a no-budget feature, so we're looking at minimal, minimal, minimal cost. And if the film is accepted by a festival we will have more of a budget to make it better later. Right now I'd just like it not to look as awful as it does.

If anyone is available, I can forward more details for your consideration e.g. screenshot images of what it should look like with the correct make-up, screenshot images of how it looks in the scene without, plus the actual scene itself.

The actor does move in the scene, stands, rotates her head, head movement as she berates her father. The 6 clips in the scene are pretty short. A total of approx 20 seconds .

It's my first post here as just joined due to a recommendation. I've posted links to a trailer on vimeo, plus instagram and facebook, to give some background to the project. The website sucks at the moment so don't go there!!!

My contact details should be visible, but best is email

Thank you.


1 year ago