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Are you a filmmaker seeking Distribution?

Afternoon All,

If any of you have short films, features or documentaries sitting on a shelf and you'd like them to at least try to earn you some extra income then it might be with us having a chat.

Over the last couple of years I've secured distribution deals for 3 of my own titles across 3 continents and in the process made multiple connections with some of the leading players in the distribution industry including eOne, Freemantle and DCD. These distributors (and many more) are actively seeking content at the moment across multiple genres. I attend MipTV and Mipcom every year and realise that not everybody is able to do that, so I may be of use to you.

I'm obviously not doing this completely out of the goodness of my heart but there are no up-front costs and I'm 100% open about any deal worth looking at. In the past the deals I have done is on the basis that I receive an Executive Producer credit and for 15% of any revenue I have made on the filmmaker's behalf.

This won't be for everyone but it may be worth having a chat if it sounds like something worthwhile to you.

My website is
My Facebook Page is:

Thanks for your time.


11 months ago