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LONDON LOCATION NEEDED - Boardroom and corporate bathroom

Need boardroom and corporate bathroom location (must both be in same building) for short film about environmentalism and greenwashing.

We aim to raise awareness about the practice of corporate greenwashing. This is the act of making small symbolic guestures of environmentalism that do more to win eco-conscious customers over than actually make a difference. The prime and titular example of this being McDonald's switch to paper straws; a callous attempt to distract from their ongoing mass deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.

Film is being made in collaboration with Film Roundhouse and will be screened at the Last Word Festival.

Shoot date ideally 28 or 29 March but this is open to negotiation.

Incredibly limited budget means we will be unlikely to be able to pay for use of location. Special thanks and credit will be included at end of film.

All visible logos and other details that could give away location will be covered or changed to that of fictional multinational fashion company (using VFX).

7 months ago