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Mentoring/Advice for Distribution and Marketing of feature documentary

Hello all,

I'm currently making my first feature documentary and really need some help/collaboration with someone experienced in distribution/Marketing and finance.

I feel completely out of my depth, but the film is my everything and believe the story is incredibly powerful, relevant to the complex issues in society and has the potential to really educate and engage a large group of people. I really want to do it justice.

I am aware of my inexperience and know that in order for the film to flourish, I need the support of those who are more experienced than me in this. If you have any experience in working on feature documentaries, applying for funding, the festival circuit route, marketing and distribution and you'd like to collaborate with me on this, please reach out.

I would be sincerely grateful for this opportunity and thank you for taking the time to read my question.

Best wishes,

Rime Mahdi.

4 months ago