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Music supervision and composition for documentary/film. Would you like real quality and originality?

With over 30 years experience in sound and music recording my music has come to be recognised by top producers and performers such as Kipper Eldridge and Joan Armatrading. My music composition is emotional and sensitive to the visuals I observe therefor my services can enhance your documentary or film. My skills include composition, sound track and title tracks for various projects.

I run my own award winning music label which includes automated hard drive recording studio based in Scotland. I am happy to work anywhere in the world as a large part of the work can be done remotely then details can be honed on location or meeting.

When I think of great film music I think of Jaws because the music plays such an essential role in the success of the film.
For film makers who would like quality original music played with real instruments (including orchestral) please drop me a message and we can discuss from there

1 year ago