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Music Video Play List - Audio Issue

Hi Shooters,

Hope you're well this afternoon.

Apologies for the strange question but really wanted to pick an editor's brain here as I'm a bit new to the editing process.

My fiancee and I are creating a music video playlist for our wedding reception on Premiere Pro. I downloaded the music videos, deleted their sound file and replaced them with M4A files assuming these were better quality (I realize WAV files are the best but I don't have these available). We exported the whole playlist as a H.264 file. When we played back the file through a TV, we noticed some songs sounded crisper and louder whilst others sounded slightly muted in comparison.

I tried exporting the audio on its own as an uncompressed Waveform file. It still sounded like some songs were louder than others.

Some songs were ripped from CDs whilst others were downloaded from iTunes so I'm not sure if it's just the original quality M4A affecting this although they did sound loud and clear when playing them on the laptop.

Does anyone have any experience with exporting music video playlists? If so, what's the best settings/process to export them?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


2 years ago