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Writer/Director Seeking UK (ideally London) Based Producer! YOU?

YOU: are a London based producer with at least two short films under your belt.
YOU: are you looking for a new collaborator/writer/director.
YOU: would like to make a new exciting short film (even two), because you need that extra experience, extra award or else...

ME: I have been working in the TV industry for many years as a professional editor between UK and Australia (my last job was at the ABC).
ME: Last year I moved to London, UK and since then I've feverishly written a 7 episodes serial (kind-of-'Twin Peaks' meets 'Lost'), two long feature films (an adventure on the line of 'The Goonies' and a crime/action/drama with hints of 'Infernal Affairs') and several short films - one of which was recently quarter finalist at Shore Scripts' Screenwriting Contest.


1. THE DEVIL YOU KNEW (black comedy, SHORE SCRIPTS' SCREENWRITING CONTEST quarter finalist ): A group of satanist go through an existential crisis during a human sacrifice.

2. TALK TO THE HAND (thriller/drama): A mother, her daughter, their lurid past and the barrel of a gun...

3. LIKE FATHER LIKE SON (supernatural/mystery): A dying father's last wish happens to be his son's mortal life.

The above projects are in script form and ready for your perusal, so we'll have to work together in getting funding, actors, crew etc...

Last words: Before I go please check out two of my most recent short films to get a taste of my style (if you only have time for one please check 'Respect 101'):

Respect 101 (thriller, 5'):

Happy Birthday My Dear (Drama/Mystery, 10'):

I am looking forward hearing from you as soon as you have a minute.

Please feel free to contact me directly on


P.S. Please note that this is a collaboration. So for now it will be unpaid...

11 months ago