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Does anyone have action sequence footage laying around that I could score to?

Still new to the business and am looking to make some kind of self-promotional material in between projects. I was wondering if anyone has a one-to-three-minute action sequence footage (chases, fights, etc) that they wouldn’t mind lending for me to practice scoring to. Would you be OK with me using it for my demo reel? Here is something that I’ve done last year that exemplifies what I mean:

I specialize in digital orchestral music, populist/modernist-style like the above, so definitely contact me if you feel your action sequence could use some of that. I’d also love your thoughts about it, any pre-scoring context or post-scoring feedback is always appreciated, as I am trying to get experience with being guided by filmmakers’ visions, as well.

I look forward to collaborating with you. Who knows? It could lead to an awesome working relationship.



9 months ago